Friday, March 11, 2011

The Secret Garden

hey dunia !
it's been a while since i last update my blog. As i've mentioned before in the previous post..i am extremely busy..>xtipu ! xtipu ! something has gotten into me...jeng jeng jeng~~i am really & so in love with these kind of novels !!! wat novels? classic one !! huwaaaa~~~i guess it's all about d assigments..=)

okeyh! move on to our main point..THE SECRET GARDEN~
have u ever heard about this novel?
it is written by Frances Hdgson Burnett..
dear korean-fanatics...ini bkn movie secret garden itu k..hehe~~
btw...really want to watch that movie...anyone with full episode? mauu~~~~for free k! =)

sy sheila yg cute dgn "humble"nya mengisytiharkn...
novel SECRET GARDEN sgt best~~
the plot really interesting in a way that it makes readers think about the secret that lies behind the garden...even the title itself...THE SECRET GARDEN..the word used by Burnett "SECRET"...seems very curious rite? want to know more about it? sile read this awesome novel k..hehhehe~~~

...this is the original novel....

let me tell ya'll a bit bout this book...ala2 synopsis gitew...This story is about Mary one has ever cared for her..hardly anyone knows she is even there..As her family dies because of the cholera thingy..>some kind of disease<..she is then sent to her uncle at England...Mr. Archibald Craven...This is where all the conflicts starts..There, a garden was locked for ten years..This makes Mary curious about the garden and decides to reveal the truth behind it.. So peeps...i bet u wonder what secret in the garden rite? yehaaa~~no more urself !
sile bace~~sgt besttt~~ xtipu~~~fantastic novel!

jom bli this novel ! sangat murah okeyh..xmahal pon..if u buy the colin classics will only costs u rm9.90...sangat murah for an awesome novel kn !! eheheh~~~

this one is like is the classic library punya edition..hard cover one..hehehe~~this one also cheap..rm19.90..=)

with ♥..sheila


3 Orang Cute Makan Karipap:

mr_mrs mikko said...

siuk ka novel ni??
mcm mo beli taw..
tp ada dua novel lagi aku blum kasi abis..

$h3iL@ said...

wot wot ! sgt bestt wooo~~~sila baca~~murah jak ne..heheh~~~

Jill Ah said...

oi! aku pun pnah bca nie dlu time matrix. mmg besh. follow u sheildtox.. :))

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