Thursday, December 17, 2009


If you think you’ve lost,
You certainly have lost
If you think you couldn’t make it,
You will never do it
If you love to win, but you don’t have the confidence,
It maybe you couldn’t win
If you think you will lose,
Maybe outside the world,
You could found the victory
This comes from one’s mind,
Started when you think about it
Think you can do it,,
It’s all in your mind.

My name is CHANCE!

They’re making mistake when they said I will not coming back when I’ve knocked and didn’t see you in it. Everyday, I stand in front of the door. And wake you up from your dream and stand for your victory. Laugh like a child who wins his game. In order to abolish the victory, be a deaf and blind people. My judgment is fair. I will help those who said “I can!!!” without any hesitation. But, maybe it could stand and be someone. Don’t ever cry for any golden chance that you’ve missed. Don’t be sad with every victory you’ve had. That’s who am I..CHANCE!

Love my Family

I do! I do! I do! I do love my family so much..can’t imagine my life without them..i love my crazy ever siblings..uhuhu..i love you all~~~
-my dad (Julmohamad bin Hj. Sauragal)
-my mum ( Timang binti Oppes)
-my siblings
1.The cool bro ever-Sufian
2. The playful one-nasir
3. Beautiful sister ever (bangga kalo dy tgk nih)-norliza
4. caring bro-saiful
5. always the cute and me..hahaha
6. the slow one-norziana..hahah
7. the most precious one-faizal
I love you eternity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Difference between 2008 and 2009?heheh

Happy birthday to myself..Thanks for those who wished me..Love you guys! Muahhxxx…This section is merely about the difference between my birthday last year and this year..hahaha..
-Hari Raya Aidiladha was on same day with my birthday
-I was in Labuan Matriculation College
-A surprised birthday party by my best friends ever(thanks to Mahani,Echak,Salina,Nasma n Elie)
-Got phone call from Azmil at 12:00am on 8th dec(dia kasi dengar lagu bufday dlm laptop dia..lawak2)
Probably because he don’t know to sing well.hahha..thanks Azmil!..
-Got many birthday wishes from friends
-Got birthday wish from Afiq!(so happppyyyy…..coz I do like him..hahha..dulu jak yah!)
-Thanks for the cake and all the gifts…wee~~
-My mum the 1st one called me early in the morning just to say happy birthday!..hahha..and cmat ari raya..hahha
-I’m here at my home! Tawau yeay!
-Salle and Janjan went to Tawau and give my gift..luv u guys!
-Makan kfc which my bro sponsored..hek3
-my youngest bro give most memorable gift..hahahah
-thanks to my sis for the gift(though I know already what she planned with my mum..hahahha)
-thanks for those birthday wishes
-Azmil called but I didn’t long didn’t talk to him..hahha


A good friend of mine once told me,” Do u know I could hardly smile when I was in primary school? I was afraid that people might look at my teeth and think that I am ugly.” Is this scenario familiar to you? Well...According to Oxford Dictionary, beauty is defined as qualities in someone or something that give pleasure to senses or lift up mind of spirit. How about you? What is beauty in your opinion? My friend told me beauty is key to attract people. Is that so? The ideal girlfriend described by most of guys in my class has features like fair, flawless skin, big and clear eyes, long glossy hair, and lean sexy legs. As for ladies, I believe each of us drools over tall handsome guys with big broad shoulder, hard muscles and a charming smile that can make us faint(include me as well..hahaha). The truth is, being beautiful is one of the things that people desire, regardless of gender. However, their concept of being beautiful is merely about the outward appearance. It is all about the branded clothing, the imported cosmetics and the latest hairstyle. Doesn’t this tell the truth outward beauty is very much emphasized? Just look at the world today, they are paying so much attention the world concept of beauty and neglected their inner being, who they really are and what are their values in life? We are bombarded everyday with beauty contests like Miss Universe and shows like Extreme Makeover, as well as the People Magazine featuring the most beautiful people in the world. It is all about world view of beauty today. Being overly beauty is not healthy at all. Anorexia Nervosa may result of being obsessed with beauty as one may go on with extremely diet just to have slimmer body like a model. Well, personally..I have always believed that I am beautiful..I remembered my lecturer at matriculation(Ms Ju) once said that..Just when you woke up early in the morning..rushed to the mirror and said “I AM BEAUTIFUL”..Just take the examples of ,my friend..frankly, there is nothing wrong with her teeth..yes, they aren’t very beat but indeed her teeth are very friend actually a beautiful girl but she is so blind to see it until today..She always thinks she’s ugly just because her teeth but yet her skin is flawless and she has a nice figure that I have longed for..Sad to say, millions of people in the world today still think and feel they are ugly. Everyone of us yearned to be beautiful. We cannot deny the fact that we are naturally attracted to pleasant looking people. If you think you are plain and ordinary, do not desperate and look down to yourself because beauty is only skin-deep. Beauty is not about the outward appearance. Having inner beauty such as pleasant personality, humility, integrity, love, patience and kindness is more important. It is useless to be beautiful outside but self seeking inside. So, simply acquire inner beauty that creates long lasting impact and impression to other people..!...weee~~~

incredible journey

18th November
One hour journey to LCCT was indeed awesome!..Forgot all the bad things!yeah!..In the bus..I met with someone..He sat beside me.He was also a college student.Going back to Sandakan.Same flight with shenn.We get to know each other with him a.k.a Wan.At last, we arrived at LCCT..can’t wait for my flight..hehehe..Need to wait for another hour before can check-in.Wan “lepak” with us as he don’t have other friend..poor him..hahahha…Me always fight with this rock kapak guy a.k.a wan..hahaha..cari pasal jak..hahahah…he was such a nice guy..hope to see him again and quarrel somemore..hahha...My eyes really look like panda’s eyes already..not getting enough sleep..hahah..never mind..i’m going to sleep later on in plane..However, sat beside me in plane was an Engineer..He was Uncle Rukma..Love talking with him..we chit-chat about many things..i envy him as Uncle Rukma was a successful man..He owns a company..2hours and 30 minutes journey to Tawau was an incredible!!..heheh


Bad dAY!

17th November
Yeah! Going back home tomorrow! T-A-W-A-U!!!!! here I come..weee~~today was such a bad day! Completely finished with the packing thingy..hehehe.. Finished my last paper today (English for Communication)…Alhamdulillah..Well..let’s start the story..I’ve enjoyed such a great experience with sheena, nia, mel and tamrin this day..we planned to take the train from Tanjong Malim to KL Sentral and from there we take a bus to LCCT..Rushed back home after the last paper..we going to take the 6:30pm train..somehow..nia,mel and tamrin haven’t finished,me and shenn decided to take the 7:30pm all of us reached the KTM Station..suddenly!!!!......the 7:30pm train is delayed to 8:30pm..yah3..waiting for another one hour..thanksss KTM!..Met with Abg Kak Sofi at the station..such a nice guy..he helped me to carry my bag..thanksss Abg Kak Sofi a.k.a Abg Irwan..Around 10:30pm we arrived at KLSentral..Another bad thing happened..The LCCT bus just a few minutes early from us..arrrgghhh..the next bus is at 3:00am..meaning to say, we’re going to spend a night here! At KL Sentral..huh!..A day of waiting and waiting..Wasting our time eating at Mcd..fuh!....

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