Thursday, December 17, 2009

Difference between 2008 and 2009?heheh

Happy birthday to myself..Thanks for those who wished me..Love you guys! Muahhxxx…This section is merely about the difference between my birthday last year and this year..hahaha..
-Hari Raya Aidiladha was on same day with my birthday
-I was in Labuan Matriculation College
-A surprised birthday party by my best friends ever(thanks to Mahani,Echak,Salina,Nasma n Elie)
-Got phone call from Azmil at 12:00am on 8th dec(dia kasi dengar lagu bufday dlm laptop dia..lawak2)
Probably because he don’t know to sing well.hahha..thanks Azmil!..
-Got many birthday wishes from friends
-Got birthday wish from Afiq!(so happppyyyy…..coz I do like him..hahha..dulu jak yah!)
-Thanks for the cake and all the gifts…wee~~
-My mum the 1st one called me early in the morning just to say happy birthday!..hahha..and cmat ari raya..hahha
-I’m here at my home! Tawau yeay!
-Salle and Janjan went to Tawau and give my gift..luv u guys!
-Makan kfc which my bro sponsored..hek3
-my youngest bro give most memorable gift..hahahah
-thanks to my sis for the gift(though I know already what she planned with my mum..hahahha)
-thanks for those birthday wishes
-Azmil called but I didn’t long didn’t talk to him..hahha

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