Thursday, December 17, 2009

incredible journey

18th November
One hour journey to LCCT was indeed awesome!..Forgot all the bad things!yeah!..In the bus..I met with someone..He sat beside me.He was also a college student.Going back to Sandakan.Same flight with shenn.We get to know each other with him a.k.a Wan.At last, we arrived at LCCT..can’t wait for my flight..hehehe..Need to wait for another hour before can check-in.Wan “lepak” with us as he don’t have other friend..poor him..hahahha…Me always fight with this rock kapak guy a.k.a wan..hahaha..cari pasal jak..hahahah…he was such a nice guy..hope to see him again and quarrel somemore..hahha...My eyes really look like panda’s eyes already..not getting enough sleep..hahah..never mind..i’m going to sleep later on in plane..However, sat beside me in plane was an Engineer..He was Uncle Rukma..Love talking with him..we chit-chat about many things..i envy him as Uncle Rukma was a successful man..He owns a company..2hours and 30 minutes journey to Tawau was an incredible!!..heheh


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