Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bad dAY!

17th November
Yeah! Going back home tomorrow! T-A-W-A-U!!!!! here I come..weee~~today was such a bad day! Completely finished with the packing thingy..hehehe.. Finished my last paper today (English for Communication)…Alhamdulillah..Well..let’s start the story..I’ve enjoyed such a great experience with sheena, nia, mel and tamrin this day..we planned to take the train from Tanjong Malim to KL Sentral and from there we take a bus to LCCT..Rushed back home after the last paper..we going to take the 6:30pm train..somehow..nia,mel and tamrin haven’t finished,me and shenn decided to take the 7:30pm all of us reached the KTM Station..suddenly!!!!......the 7:30pm train is delayed to 8:30pm..yah3..waiting for another one hour..thanksss KTM!..Met with Abg Kak Sofi at the station..such a nice guy..he helped me to carry my bag..thanksss Abg Kak Sofi a.k.a Abg Irwan..Around 10:30pm we arrived at KLSentral..Another bad thing happened..The LCCT bus just a few minutes early from us..arrrgghhh..the next bus is at 3:00am..meaning to say, we’re going to spend a night here! At KL Sentral..huh!..A day of waiting and waiting..Wasting our time eating at Mcd..fuh!....

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