Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cuti semester bermula, Officially !

Assalamaualaikum w.b.t semua! Hey hey bloggers yang comel-comel.heeee
oh my blog! 
seriously got many things to tell, pasal practicum, about students, about teachers and about the new me. =p
and yes, my practical here, has just finished officially on 19th October 2012.
I'm going to miss Kuala Selangor.
SMK Seri Tanjong,
the school, students, teachers, pakcik kantin, "teh ais", orang-orang pejabat yg baik,
dan semua.
ya semua.
going to miss this place so much.

Dear all UPSIan who has just finished their practical,
Congratulations to all of us!
managed to go through these 4 months, with all those sweet and bitter memories.

And to us, Happy Holidays too!
Cuti semester bermula. 4 bulan jugak.

Enjoy our holidays by reminiscing back those precious memories, will  you? 

thinking of renovating this little humble blog of mine, means there will be so many things to do. Jia You!


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