Friday, January 8, 2010


today, my beloved papa a.k.a my advisor ..Dr. Goh Hock Seng...invited all of his advisee to have dinner be exact, Dr. Goh wants to give slip result kami..
Venue: Garden Deli, Tanjong Malim
Date : 7th of January 2010
Time : 8:00 p.m

whoa~~it is such an awesome night..weee~~1st reason, cuz me and effa wore formal attire..ngeee..~konon nk jd budak soon as we went there..all people wore casual attire jew...hahaha~~i met two of tesl seniors..kak azlina and kak stephanie..~do i spell it right?..hahaa..watever..hehe~kak steph asked us.."just going back from class"...effa: lebih kuranglah..~~actually, she only wants to cover the fact that we r too semangat...hahaha~~Dr Goh is such a great lecturer..he really knows how to manage situation..~as many of us still do not know each other~..he really got many stories to tell..credits to Dr Goh..weee~~eating+sharing stories+gossiping~got ka?..hahaha+playing games~..great!..still remembered Dr Goh said.."I only know 3 things in" harharharhar..really2 funny..hak3..somemore..the only guy in our group..shahril..when playing the name games..he shout out my name as "shima" and effa "emma"..ehehehehe...suka ati engko je..haahahaha..i really do enjoy tonight..meeting many new friends from Bahasa Cina Programme...BM programme somemore..Still got funny thing..when effa ate also..~not to mention here~ngeh3..the red packet also..i thought all of us gonna get that..ngagahagahha..only to the one and only..Putri..congrats 4 ur result..4.00 whoaaaaa...try harder tis sem yer ms Sheila...FIGHTING!

kami yg sengallll~~~ngeh3

p/s: to effa~~hope kita dpt red packet tu nnt yer..hahahaha..da semangat siot td..hahaha

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mz YunsOra SHarMie said...

wish u dapat angpau too...ngeee!!!

$h3iL@ said...


effa_dila said...

btol3..thanx dear..

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