Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I just don't have the strength~~

no wonder i felt extremely happy yesterday..ketawa ja..rupa2ny Allah nk uji aq..ive got phone call from my mum and she told me that my kakak kena tahan kt so shocked!..cuz of demam denggi..i almost faint when i heard that news.Ya Allah...hope she will be fine soon..xda mood nk wt assignment..kept thinking bout my kakak..Thanks friends for all ur support..Thanks J..Fara..Faezah..Fatien..Kak Sof..Shenn..Memy..Chak..Lyn..Myn..Feyza..Kak Lok..Mizah..Nasma..Lynder..and others..really appreciate it..Crying and crying and crying..i do..i do..i do...really need ur support friends~~please help me..for now,i just don't have the strength~~

4 Orang Cute Makan Karipap:

LiLiN said...

hey girl.
be strong okay.
i'm sure everything will be ok, keep praying!
=) take care for yourself also ya.

$h3iL@ said...

thanks lilin..
hope so~~
luv u gal~~

effa_dila said...

alhamdulillah..nothing serious right u say?
insyaALLAH..everything will b fine..

$h3iL@ said...

thanks effa darl~~
everything's fine now
she's getting better~~

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