Saturday, November 27, 2010

sedikit sebanyak rongga ronggi ^^

okeyh...basically the title does not have any relation to what am I going to's just that i loke tha word rongga ronggi..heee~~seems like evryone posted something about their pon xmaw kalah bah...hahaha~~lets comment the all 3 papers i've taken..yehaaa~~

1. Second Language Acquisition
- 1st paper for this sem
- agak me"nervous" kan cos tis is my 1st paper
- major paper
- penyakit "1ST DAY NERVOUS" sheila time exam semestinya akan datang
- agak tercungap2 menjawab
- 2 hours for 2 essays..but..i need more time!!huwaaaa =(
- but..Alhamdulillah...i managed to do it on time..>agak2 ok ka tuh?<.
- pray that Mr. Azman gives me good mark..hehehe~~~AMIN!

2. English Phonetics & Phonology
- huwaaaaaaa =(
- jom nanges
- nanges lagi
- dan cry lagi...
- paper kedua
- sangat susah ok!
- did my best..studied well..but still...i'm not confident for this paper
- somemore...carrymark also....=(
- watever it is...hope Dr. Che Ton yg comel can consider...hehehe
- Pray for d best ...Amin!

3. Literary Criticism
- mari menggoreng!
- only that two word can describe this paper..hahahha!
- a lot of things i've written
- still...everything's "GORENGGGGG"
- lalalala
- sy suke mengkritik karya orang! >dgn sarcasticnya<
- Mr.Sidik.....hope i did my best for ur paper...
- once again..pray for d best..Amin!

actually...i hope....hope...and hope....i will get an A for all those three seems impossible rite..especially phonetics..huwaaa....let's cry together...huwaaaa....still....i am praying that me and my friends get the best result ever..Amin~~

sudah maw mandi...hehehe..papai

p/s: ya Allah ya Tuhanku....Kau berikanlah aku dan rakan2ku keputusan yg cemerlang untuk exam kami...AMIN ^^

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