Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sekadar Mengulas

Hey Dunia !
It's been a week since I last update my blog. It's not like I am intended to do so..but, the internet here getting slower everyday..I hope i manage to undergo this situation for another 2 months..=)..>sangat stress okeyh!<..Talking about this past days..there were indeed too many things happened..I am quite busy this 2 presentation in a day..and Alhamdulillah..i managed to do it well..>perasan agak lebeyh<...ngehahaha~~though we didn't prepared much..we still did our best..whatever it is, i've did my best and hope the marks will be alright..^^
InsyaAllah..thanks to them...Jae Bum, Fara & kakak Polis...and special thanks to panda eyes because of this presentation =)

And for taekwando training..I feel like i am going to die! sangat penat okeyh! huwaaaa~~~mari menanges! Sir Ghani yg comel itu sangat active arine..dunno what's going on with Sir Ghani today..lalalala~~luckily, i managed gone through it..and here i am blogging happily..though i am indeed exhausted!

p/s: ulasan mingguan by sheila cute ^^


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