Saturday, October 10, 2009

Am I being too childish???

childish ka aq neyh???
then why people keep saying.."sheila,don't be so childish..u grow up girl..u're going to be 19teen soon"....
this few weeks i kept hearing the same things about me..
am i really childish??
some of my coursemates also said that...
"how are u going to be a teacher if u urself acting like a child"...
i asked some of my friends also..
same answers again and again
though some indeed really like my style..
should i change myself???
is it really my fault if i'm afraid of dark places??
don't know to cross the roads?
always laugh about really small and simple things?
main2 dlm class...
merajuk at simple things...
even some of my lecturers told me to be serious...
i'm sick of this things..
this is just me!!!!
aq ndak hipokrit pown..
cmna aq nk brubah ne???
da ne aq yg real...

p/s: so should i change myself????????weeeee....

3 Orang Cute Makan Karipap:

edoraemon said...

jadilah dirimu
kalo ko jd org lain
ko bukan sheila lah tuh kan
pedulik apa org bilang.
asalkan ko bahagia
sehingga ank cucu
& cicit~

$h3iL@ said...

weee...tul tuh faz..bacat aq waaa...kenak tgur jd mature skit..weee...mmg gni suda aq neyh..hek3...

edoraemon said...

tuh lah
aku pon malar kena tegur jgak.
tp aku kena tegur sbb telampau ganas lah tp
bukan bdk2.
tp lek jak bha
memang stress jgak kan~

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