Thursday, July 7, 2011

Let's LearN EngLish

hey there peeps! okeyh...entri kali pemilik belog sekadar ingin berkongsi basic english untuk blogger2 comey sekalian..i may not be perfect though..but indeed i'm sharing my knowledge with all of you..teacher sheila nak share basic english punye..sume tau ag kot benda2 ne..well..basic kn..heee..jom tengok =)

well, do you know that the traditional grammar words based on EIGHT part of speech. They are NOUNS, VERBS, ADJECTIVES, PRONOUNS, ADVERB, PREPOSITIONS, CONJUNCTIONS AND INTERJECTIONS. ne mesti da tau kan? heee~~ maybe some of us simply new to this part of speech. each and every single one of this group explains not what the word is, but how the word is used. In fact, the same word can be a noun in one sentence and a verb or adjective.

Simple, a word may belongs to more than one group in part of speech. okeyh.sila jangan confuse..heee...example:

word = wind

wind can be classified to noun & verb

wind ( in noun) = air currents (angin)
wind ( in verb) = bend, turn

paham x? paham x? kalo paham angkat tangan mcm saye...~~

next, moving on to the main point.The part of speech. every single group has their specific explanation.

1. NOUNS - Naming words, place, thing or idea
(kire cam kata nama dalam BM tuh..hik3)

2. VERBS - Show action or state of being
(kata kerja eat, play, cook)

3. ADJECTIVES -Describe/modify nouns
(something that explains more about the the beautiful girl)
see? see? see? that adjective modifies noun right?

4. PRONOUNS -Take the place of nouns
(eg: I, You, Me, She, He)

5. Adverbs - Describe or modify verbs, adjectives/adverbs
(eg: badly, cafeully)

6. PREPOSITION - Position & how things go together
(eg: after, above, near)

7. CONJUNCTIONS - Joining/linking words
(eg: and, or, because)

8. INTERJECTIONS - Express strong/sudden feelings
( eg: hooray, wow, oh)
* interjections are not grammatically related to the rest of sentence the idea? it's simple! this is only basic english rite? =))
dear readers, thanks for your time.see ya!


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